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der freundliche sultan

URS Records redesign

development of new CI URS Records

der freundliche sultan

Bad News

record cover for Der freundliche Sultan - Bad News

der freundliche sultan

Der freundliche Sultan

record cover for Der freundliche Sultan

die butter von der hand die butter von der hand
exhibition poster

space is the place space is the place

design of a box containing 5 x 12" vinyl for the record-label »Oslo«

white trash contemporary

white trash contemporary
graphic design for Hamburg based gallery White Trash Contemporary more ››

Anzeigeberlin Anzeigeberlin
redesign of the skateboard-magazine »Anzeigeberlin«

Prosanova leif randt
projections for a lecture of Leif Rand on Prosanova Festival

Jagdfibel Illustration Jagdfibel Illustration
75paged book for the annual exhibition of the Art Directors Club in former airport Tempelhof
The illustration were awarded at ADC competition 2007 in the category printcommunication.
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record cover

album cover

Stockhausen Stockhausen
Plakat für das Karl Hofer Preisträgerkonzert im Sendesaal des RBB

around 2000 illustrations in a book for nonverbal communication on travel ->
also available for iPhone ->
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corporate identity and font development for a skatepark on the area of former Belin Airport Tempelhof

Expander Expander
corporate identity / overall concept of Expander more ››

art direction, photography and illustration for a children's book by Serge Petit.