Atlas Cinema Atlas Cinema Atlas Cinema Atlas Cinema

Atlas Cinema
Documentary film Morocco 2013

Located in the morrocan desert, the Atlas Film Studios have been the set for countless blockbusters in the last decades.
Many of the large film sets that range from egyptian temples to Mekka, Afghanistan war zones and american gas stations,
remain to decay in the landscape as displaced derelicts.
The film »Atlas Cinema« is a filmic archeology about this surreal location, tracing a number of films with the
exact same position, perspective, camera movement and lenses, just the sets are run down and without any actors,
only the sound layer of the original pictures remains.

A film by Lilli Kuschel
camera / editing: Mikko Gaestel & Lilli Kuschel
sound recording: Heiko Tubbesing

Awarded with the art prize Tempelhof-Schöneberg